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Welcome to Q Solutions

The provision of innovative management systems and training solutions in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Established in 2003, the partnership has extensive experience in providing bespoke solutions to the private, public and voluntary sectors.

    ISO 9001:2015    
    "Quality management system certification has some causal influence on business performance."
International Journal of Operations & Production Management 2008, 28 (7). pp. 687-708

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    "Both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards have clear benefits on operational, people and customer results."
Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management 2012, vol. 5 no. 2

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    ISO 14001:2015    
    "The number of pollution indicents rose by 160 to 1902 in 2016."
Guardian, July 2017

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    ISO 50001:2011    
    "If you have an ISO 50001 Energy Management System (certified by an approved certification body) covering all your energy use this shall be sufficient to constitute an ESOS Assessment."
Department of Energy and Climate Change, September 2014

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    ISO 45001:2018    
    "144 workers and 100 members of the public were killed in 2017/18 in the UK."
Health & Safety Executive, 2018

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  Management training    
    "Training contributes greatly to employee's performance in comparison with other factors like motivation, technology, management behaviour, working environment."
Business Review Volume 7, Number 2, July-December 2012

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    Management consultancy    
  "Consultants offer value for money."
Financial Times 02 March 2010

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